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Designer Cakes - Express yourself with great taste.
I'm proud to be an icing Smiles baker! Click on the image link view their fantastic facebook page, and learn more about this charitable orginization!            

Our current address is 303 Pike Street in Sublette

Offering the finest in wedding cakes in the Sublette, Southwest Kansas area. As well as custom-order wedding cakes you'll find ideas and inspiration for groom's cakes and other designs; put the perfect finishing touch on your special day with a Designer Cake! To find out more about how I serve my customers, please see "About Us". 
I am unable to accept small orders (under $200) earlier than 6 weeks prior to the event. Customers are welcome to inquire about small orders before this time, however, I will not be able to anything before this 6-week deadline.
I do NOT ship cakes at this time; currently I only deliver within reasonable distance.
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